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We are happy to bring you our conceptual project “Engineer Your Dreams”.

This will be a great conceptual documentary on your Engineering College where we show Your College’s History, Highlights, Achievements, Facilities, Campus, Class Rooms, Labs, Interviews of Professors & Staff, Interviews of Students, Views of Parent and never the less Your Importance towards education and how you motivate your Students towards their goals.

We come to campus to understand and make a wonderful conceptual documentary i.e. “Engineer Your Dreams”.

Our responsibilities towards this project are concept design based on your requirement, shooting documentary in your Campus and Post production work. Final Product, a High Definition Video Quality Documentary DVD with well designed Cover.

One of our best conceptual advertisement.

We will provide you 2000 DVDs of "Engineer Your Dreams" of your Own College
just Rs. 1,89,000/- only.
Means, you are spending less than Rs. 100/- on each copy.

Gift The Documentary to Students who are aspiring to become Engineers
Students Will Love Your College and Love to Join in Your College.

We also make your College Video Advertisement and project in Movie Theatres all over South India & Television Channels.

Please Contact us for negotiation and agreement of "Engineer Your Dreams":
Vijay - Project coordinator @ +91 99486 47487 - Visakhapatnam
Prasad - Project Head @ +91 93470 67098
Drop a mail at: sales@teamdelight.in
www.teamdelight.in | www.delightmediatechno.com

Thank you | We look forward to working with you on this project